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  • Pili Fantasy: Doom of Dragons.
  • A lineup of co-branded products were introduced in collaboration with Grace Optical. Using Su Huan-chen as the brand endorser, the Company produced two advertisements and licensed Pili characters for use in Grace Optical stores and for production of promotional gifts and marketing materials.
  • The Company and CTBC Brothers jointly organized the “Pili Brothers” event, during which co-branded merchandises were sold, puppet performances (including the cute version) were made, and the puppet show narrator was assigned to broadcast the game. The game offered unique experience to a sellout crowd.
  • The Company organized “Pili Heroes Universe Exhibition” at Dream Mall, Kaohsiung. It was the only exhibition in the year that spanned more than 300 square meters in space. The exhibition showcased many IPs of the Pili universe, and received nearly 200,000 visits while achieving more than NT$10 million in sales in a single month.
  • Signed contract to acquire real estate for group operation headquarters.
  • "Pili Fantasy: War Of Dragons," a NT$250-million project, was produced at the cinematic level with a total of 43 episodes split in 2 seasons. The series was officially released on January 23 through online and offline channels. Pili shows were released on world's largest video streaming platform - NETFLIX during the year. Available in Taiwanese and Mandarin audio, the shows are streamed in 190 countries and regions, subtitled in multiple languages, and made available to 145 million users worldwide. This streaming platform provides a stage where quality productions from Taiwan can be appreciated by viewers around the world.
  • Kaohsiung tour of "Pili Fantasy World of Puppet Art" was held at Pier-2 Art Center on February 1, during which a Thunderbolt Fantasy section was added to the exhibition for the very first time.
  • Grand Opening and Return of [Pili Yilan Store]! A 3-storey complex and the Company's first branch in Taiwan to feature an OUTLET section for nostalgic and classic merchandises.
  • Participating in YICFFF for the first time, the Company set up [Pili Fantasy Hall] where it incorporated interactive technologies to present Taiwan's century-old puppetry, including popular Pili characters in their cutest form.
  • Pili Club magazine was published through "Kono for Libraries" in E-book format for online browsing, which subscribers may access online as soon as it is published.
  • Pili International Multimedia was awarded the "5th Taiwan Mittlestand Award" by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • President Liang-Hsun Huang received the "Pioneering Entrepreneur Award" during the award ceremony for "EY Entrepreneur Of The Year," the most prestigious award for entrepreneurs.
  • Pili International made several unprecedented accomplishments in the Mainland, including its first costume show during the "Chinese Hanfu Show," its first concert - "Jing Hong," and having showcased two films: "The Legend of The Sacred Stone" and "The Arti: the Adventure Begins" during the 28th Golden Rooster Award.
  • The first of a series of events celebrating the 30th anniversary of Su Huan-chen’s debut was the “Birthday of the White Lotus.” Indoor performances by Pili that hadn’t been seen for quite some time appeared once again at the event. Vincent Huang, nicknamed “Eight-tone Genius” for providing voice-overs for various characters at the same time, showed up for the occasion. It was announced at the event that the record for Guinness World Records for the world’s longest-running puppet show had been broken.
  • Held at the 1st Exhibition Hall of CKS Memorial Hall, "Pili Fantasy World of Puppet Art" re-created the scenes of Pili Dramas and incorporated the use of new technologies to give visitors an interactive experience of the puppetry world.
  • "Thunderbolt Fantasy II" was released on October 1; the show was streamed exclusively on "iQIYI Taiwan," "Tokyo MX" in Japan and "youku" in the Mainland.
  • Pili explored and expanded the scope of the video market in Mainland China. Since then released Pili Destiny: The Battle of the Immortals and Demons 2: The demon destroyers. Pili had collaborated with three major online video websites: Douyu, bilibili and Youku to present the bilingual Pili drama series that were viewed through the online payment method.
  • The 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival was held in Yunlin. In the exhibition, the global premier of two huge mechanical lanterns that were 8m tall made according to Pili characters “Su Huan Jen” and “Luo Hou” were displayed at the [Puppet Era zone]. Presented in whole new performance means, they shone with the special lighting, sound effect, image project and special effects to allow viewers to enjoy a totally different Taiwan Lantern Festival.
  • Taiwanese-Japanese glove puppetry movie “Thunderbolt Fantasy: The Sword of Life and Death” was released on Dec. 28. Japanese singer Takanori Nishikawa played a part in the film by singing its theme song in Chinese. On the first day that the movie was shown in Japan, tickets were sold out at quite a few theaters. At the first weekend after the movie’s release in Taiwan, the box office revenue reached a record high of over NT$1 million. The film did not receive any negative comments on the Internet.
  • For the first time for both sides, Pili International Multimedia Co., Ltd. has worked in collaboration with the well-known screenwriter in Japanese anime industry—“Urobuchi Gen” from Nitroplus to present a new fantasy martial art puppet drama “Thunderbolt Fantasy Tourikenyuuki.”
  • The first “Pili 3D Colored Paddy” was presented at 2016 Pingtung Tropical Agriculture Expo, showing Pili’s most popular heroes “Su Huan Jen” and “Yi Ye Shu.”
  • Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. cooperated with Pili to jointly introduce “38℃ Kinmen Kaoliang—Pili Commemorative Version,” seeking to establish Kinmen Kaoliang’s young and vigorous image.
  • Regular franchise chain set in T.S Dream Mall officially opened.
  • In 2015, the globally first ever real 3D animated puppet epic movie “The ARTI: Enigma of the Ancient Lop” was officially released in the cinema.
  • In 2015, Pili International Multimedia Co., Ltd. worked together with Dajia Jenn Jann Temple for the first time, to plan out 4 “Pili-Run” road running activities across Taiwan, which was held in December.
  • On 2015 November 11th, Pili’s China subsidiary companies “MING-OU (Shanghai) Culture Communications CO.,LTD” and “Dapili Mutimedia Technology CO.,LTD” were officially inaugurated at Ming Gu Technology Park in Shanghai City.
  • In 2015, the largest contest ever across the strait—“Pili Puppetry Cosplay Contest” started in excitement and the final was held at “iQiYi Anime Festival” in Chengdu, Sichuan.
  • Approval granted for the first issue of unsecured convertible bonds in Taiwan.
  • Approval granted for the issuing of employee stock warrants.
  • Application to buy back treasury stock.
  • Licensed Hong-Gi to air Pili shows on Chunghwa Telecom MOD, LS Time and Kbro cable TV.
  • “PILI Warfare Chronicles: The Hidden Diversion” aired at 9PM between Monday and Thursday every week on the PTS HD channel.
  • In collaboration with Hong-Gi Entertainment Group Co. Ltd., we introduced the “Hong-gi PiLi Monthly Package” to broadcast the PiLi Puppet Show on MOD operated by Chunghwa Telecom for the first time.
  • “PiLi International Gallery” began to officially operate on TaoBao. We entered the Chinese e-business market, selling a full line of accessories.
  • Collaborated with Chunghwa Telecom’s MOD to launch the “PiLi Soccer Heroes” for advertising the broadcast of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. “PiLi Soccer Figurines” were launched simultaneously.
  • The first “PiLi Hero Train” was launched on a Kaohsiung MRT train, with the characters of the show painted on a train. Su Huan Zhen, the lead character in the show, was a conductor on the train for a day, too.
  • The first “3D PiLi Adventure: Agent 519 – The Young Swordsmen” with Taiwanese voice-over premiered in the National Center for the Traditional Arts in Yilan.
  • A PiLi Franchise Store was opened in the FEDS Banqiao Branch.
  • Authorized Global Mall in Hsinchu to create a PiLi Theme Park.
  • Pili International Multimedia is poised to go public on October, 2014.
  • In order to offer services to the vast number of buyers, Pili’s 2013 Chinese New Year offering, "Pili Xia Ying: The Wulin Warriors", was marketed through both 7-ELEVEN and FamilyMart convenience stores around Taiwan.
  • Pili licensed and collaborated with Taiwanese game company Soft-World to launch the second 3D online Pili game "Pili Shen Zou Online".
  • TPEX approves the listing of Pili as an Emerging Stock.
  • In August 2013, the Pili International Multimedia Company made it's IPO (initial public offering) on the stock exchange.
  • Created in Taiwan, PiLi is a global pioneer. The “PiLi Fantasy World of Puppet Art Exhibition” was held in a grand hall with an area of 2640m2. It was the first large-scale fantasy puppet art exhibition in Taiwan, earning high praise.
  • In 2013, the blockbuster production of “PiLi Xia Ying: The Decisive Thunderbolt” was broadcast in Mainland China on the internet using a fixed IP.
  • Pili Puppet Theatre was invited to attend "the 2012 China International Cartoon & Animation Festival".
  • Dahua Animation was established to gather domestic 3D animation talents, to integrate animation special effects and professional techniques, and to establish long-term plans for developing 3D animation.
  • Commenced the filming of the first 3D puppet movie “The Arti: The Adventure Begins.”
  • Established the third directly-managed Pili store at, Taichung in Taiwan.
  • “Pili Mainland E-shops” was founded to open Pili's e-business in China.
  • Pili International Multimedia was honored with the "Cultural & Creative Award" and was invited to participate in the "2012 Taiwan International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo".
  • Have been invited to participate in the "Open Your Dream", and jointly collaborated with 7-ELEVEN and the Dream Mall to organize the "Pili Blade Spring and Autumn Cosplay Parade Contest".
  • Pili International Multimedia Chairman Chris Huang was honored as the most valuable managerial personnel of 2011 in the "Giving New Life to Tradition" category.
  • Pili offered gratuitous license for the Taiwan Lottery to launch the "Pili Mighty Power" lottery, and invited all people around the nation to play the lottery and practice public welfare.
  • Inauguration of the Pili-themed waiting room in Terminal Two of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.
  • Partnered with VV8.COM (Beijing) on the Pili Dynasty “i Movie Pili Beijing Fim Exhibition.”
  • Collaborated with Hangzhou FanFan Comic Culture & Art Co., Ltd. to produce the puppet animation "Butterfly Lovers", and the premier press conference was held at the 2011 Chinese International Cartoon & Animation Festival.
  • Collaborated with NCFTA, ITRI and Delta Electronics, Inc. to launch the "Pili 3D New Vision" experiential theater at the NCFTA Concert Hall.
  • Pili International Multimedia received the honor of "Top 100 Taiwan Brands" in the cultural & creative service category.
  • Pili Puppet Legend invited to attend the “BCWW Korea Television Festival.”
  • Collaborated with the MOEAIDB to sign the "Digital Content Industry Development and Advancement Program" and officially announced the shooting of a 3D hand puppet hand theater film.
  • Organized a major concert "The Symphony of Pili Magical Symphonic Poem" at Wei Wu Ying Center for the Arts in Kaohsiung.
  • Pili group has reintegrated its business, combing issuance, authorization, and marketing into the charge of " Dapili International Marketing Co., Ltd. ".
  • Jointly funded by the Pili International Multimedia Co., Ltd, PIDC, Chinatrust Venture Capital, and FamilyMart, the "Roundtable International Marketing Co., Ltd." was renamed as "Puppet Animation Entertainment Co., Ltd." with the main objective of releasing more exquisite Taiwanese puppet animation TV dramas and films.
  • Hold the first large-scale music concert, "Pili Heroes Orchestral Dream" at Wei Wu Ying.
  • “PILI Prestige: The Dragon Warrior” movie premieres at in89 Cinemax.
  • Pili Puppet Legend invited to attend the 4thHungzhou “New Star Cup” award ceremony.
  • Have been invited to "China International Cartoon and Animation Festival 2010" to present the Pili Puppet Theatre.
  • First launched the "Purchasing Puppetry-Related Products to Exchange Bonus Points Activity during Pili Month" at all Family Mart Convenience Stores in Taiwan.
  • Have been invited to participate in "2010 Shanghai Pili Twin Cities Heroes Convention"
  • Hare been Invited to participate in the "OPEN YOUR DREAM" New Year Eve concert organized by the Kaohsiung City Government in Dream Mall.
  • Have been invited to perform at the 2009 Kaohsiung World Games opening ceremony.
  • Completed the change of the distribution channels of Pili DVD and released the latest episodes of "Pili: Legend of the World-shaking Sword Dragon" via Family Mart Convenience Stores.
  • Have been invited to perform a drama called "Legend of Shen Zhou" for the Mazu International Cultural Festival at the Dajia Jenn Lann Temple.
  • Cooperated with the SinoPac Credit Card Company to issue a co-brand credit card with JCB, "Pili Heroes Club Card".
  • Cooperated with the 7-ELEVEN, present the first generation of diorama figurines called "Pili Battle Variations I".
  • Have been invited to attend the 3rd International Cultural Creative Industries Exposition in Beijing.
  • The puppetmaster and a notational treasure, Mr.Huang Hai-dai died on February 11, 2007.
  • Cooperated with the Family Mart Convenience Store to present the first series of "Pili cute-style figurines".
  • Opened first direct-sale store in the southern area of Taiwan, the "Pili Kanhsiung flagship store".
  • A show in Discovery Channel called "Remarkable People in Taiwan" produced and broadcasted the special program called "The Great Puppetmaster of the Generation: Mr. Huang Hai-dai".
  • In February 2006, an edited version of the series "Pili Hero List: Story of Crown Fighting" was broadcast in the USA, dubbed in English, on the Cartoon Network, becoming the first Taiwanese TV program to be released in America.
  • With one miraculous accomplishment after another, Pili has made puppet show a representative symbol of Taiwanese culture, proving that Taiwan is not only an economic, but also a cultural force.
  • Pili Yilan directed-managed store, the first direct store, was opened at the National Center for Traditional Art.
  • In 2005, the series "The Nine Dragon Throne" won the Golden Bell Award for the Best Director.
  • Represented Taiwan to participate in the Frankfurt Book Fair.
  • Chairman Chris Huang and General Manager, Vincent Huang, participated in the President Young People Lecture on Humanities upon invitation. They gave a speech and demonstrated how to perform a puppet show.
  • Pili's marginal products were sold at the 7-ELEVEN, attracting many fans to purchase the items.
  • "Super Pili Convention" was premiered by Pili Satellite TV.
  • "Legend of the Sacred Stone" released in Japan and Hong Kong. Pili Puppet Show swept a new gust around the world on the new digitized martial arts action scripts.
  • Pili products were sold online, beginning the new era in e-business.
  • Granted "License of Emerging Important Strategic Property" by the Government Information Office of the Executive Branch.
  • First puppet show based on comic tale "Legend of the Emperors" was released.
  • Completely developed and made by Taiwan locals, a joint effort by Pili, Soft-China, and Lager, the first puppet show on-line game "Pili Online" was officially released.
  • Movie "Legend of the Sacred Stone" entered China's market and was granted first quota of Taiwanese movies.
  • Cooperating with the Chunghwa Post Company, the first set of puppet shows stamps, "Five finger secrets", appeared for the first time. Total sales were as high as 2.8 million sets.
  • The original " Da Chih Entertainment Co., Ltd." was changed to "Pili International Multimedia Co., Ltd."
  • First puppet show movie "Legend of the Sacred Stone" was released. Integrating traditional art and digital 3D animation, the film made the record of 100 million NTD in the box office. In addition, a Taiwanese film subsidized by the Government Information Office as No. 1 Box office movie.
  • First ever sci-fi action modern puppet show "Fighting for Globe" was released in Taiwan, joint venture with Hong Kong's Jade Dynasty to distribute "Da Pili" around the world.
  • Responding to the development of international market and the movie business, "Cosmos International Marketing Company" was established to aggressively promote character copyrighting business and developing peripheral accessories.
  • In order to produce the new puppet show series, we purchased a huge studio-complex with the area of over 200,000 square feet.
  • Pili performed "The Mysteries of the Wolf City" at the National Opera House, whose tickets were all sold out. It made the record for the puppet show to be performed in the National Opera House.
  • Cooperated with "Cite Publisher" to publish Pili's novels, scripts, portfolios, comic books, etc.
  • The characters in Pili's puppet shows were the popular materials for character design in computer games software. The first computer game "Pili Phantom Arrow", marketed by Soft-World International Corporation, was launched into the market.
  • Founded "Da Chih Entertainment Co., Ltd.". Agency for Pili satellite broadcasting television station programming.
  • Per request of fans, official Pili website was established. It made "PILI" into the most talked about and the most fashionable word in the Internet of Taiwan.
  • Pili developed and produced many marginal products, with puppets as major items. They were opened for sales in the franchised chain stores.